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What is Matific?

Matific is an adaptive, game-based, teaching and learning tool that enhances existing mathematics curricula. The software creates practical scenarios that students can relate to as they explore virtual environments in a hands-on manner.

Matific creates practical scenarios where students can manipulate familiar objects such as rulers, compasses, fruits, vegetables, weights, jugs and more. The games and lessons are adaptive and personalized to each learner based on their gaps in understanding.

The versatility of Matific allows it to be used in a way that is based on the needs of the classroom and its learners. Matific resources engage learners and bridge abstract mathematics concepts in the classroom with events they experience in the real world. This leads learners to more effectively internalize and process information for longer periods of time.

Matific Mission

The Matific mission is to bring high-quality mathematics education to students around the world and to empower teachers with a rich set of intuitive and versatile teaching resources.

Matific is an award winning, online, teaching and learning resource that is globally recognized for primary school mathematics. Its awards include Best Mathematics Instructional Solution, Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution and Best Educational App.

Matific software is localized to each individual country:

  • Aligned to mathematics curricula in 46 countries
  • Available in 28 languages

Evidence-Based Performance Results

Matific is field-proven; it was studied independently by associate professor Catherine Attard [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9yequ0ESFo] , an expert in primary mathematics education at the University of Western Sydney. The Attard study reported an average increase of 34% in mathematics test results while tracking 8 different schools. These results are supported by numerous testimonials from teachers, students, and parents.

The Matific Way…

  • Hands-On
  • Adaptive
  • Self-Guided
  • Self-Discover
  • Engaging
  • Endearing

Matific Components:

  • Over 1500 activities
  • Prebuilt Playlists (groups of activities to teach a topic)
  • Worksheets
  • Teachers guides
  • Lesson plans
  • Reporting

Matific is known for:

  • Proven to raise test scores
  • Reduces maths anxiety
  • Increases motivation to learn maths
  • Supports STEM learning initiatives
  • Provides teachers with engaging, enquiry-based maths resources and lesson planning
  • Offers real time student and school performance reporting
  • Low cost program that runs on existing infrastructure at schools
  • The ideal program to support and enhance investments in ICT

Thailand-Specific Resources

Resources unique to Thailand have been created to assist in understanding the pedagogy of Matific and the features, functions and benefits of the software application.

Personalized and Ready to Use

Matific can be used in any class. Many teachers use Matific in classrooms that are equipped with a single PC or tablet, and a projector. If the class has no computer equipment, Matific still provides a complete off-site solution that can be used when learners have access to lab, tablets or home computers.

Each student gets a Matific username and password, and can connect to his or her personalized learning plan from any device.

Matific also supports multi-user settings in which several students share a single device, taking turns. Field experience shows that this form of collaborative learning develops not only mathematical proficiency, but also social skills like patience and tolerance. Matific also offers an offline/online experience on tablets.

Matific in Thailand

  • Improve Thailand Math Ranking
  • Compliant with Country Curriculum
  • Utilizes / Justifies Technology Investments
  • Supports STEM Learning Initiatives
  • Runs on Existing Infrastructure
  • Low Cost Deployment

Matific Videos

Watch Prof Shimon Schocken, a co-founder of Matific, explain:

The Team Behind the Software

The Matific team includes 100+ mathematicians, computer scientists, software engineers, gaming experts, artists, teachers, support personnel, and country managers. We are excited to be able to focus this combined experience on turning mathematics into a fascinating and rewarding field of study that any child can enjoy and master.

For more information, please contact:

Patrick Franklin


M: 088.009.5288

2GQR is an Authorized Thailand Representative of Matific